Delivery Policy

These items are prohibited and are not allowed to be shipped/imported: counterfeit products; drugs; valuable jewellery; cash, currency, money orders, cashiers’ checks, bank drafts, bearer bonds and collectible stamps and coins; foods; plants and animals; products made with animal skin (furs); firearms, weaponry and their parts; military, police and tactical equipment of any kind; any pills or prescribed drugs; flammable liquid or gases; toxic products; corrosives; chemicals; radioactive materials; pornographic, indecent or immoral items; radar equipment; vehicles; tobacco; alcohol; cosmetics; medical equipment and devices; lottery tickets and gambling devices, tools and utility knives; lock picking devices; agricultural products, such as seeds; government IDs and licenses, or items that claim to be, or that look similar to, government identification documents.

We provide the following shipping service to you:

1- Triangle/Tariffless shipping methods: These shipping methods are especially safe because packages get shipped to a safe country first, where they get a new shipping label, and then they are transported to your country, effectively skipping your country's customs. The average shipping time is 10-15 days.

1.1 FJ-DHL-Tariffless

1.2 FJ-B-Tariffless

1.3 CSS-JW-Tariffless

1.4 CSS-GLS-F-Pure-Weight

1.5 PostNL-D (15-45 days)

2- HZ-EMS: Cheapest and quickest EMS line on the market. Average shipping time is 12-16 days.

3- HZ-FedEx-F: Shipping time 3-7 days

4- CSS-ALI-Express-T: Shipping time 10-20 days

5- Yanwen-Express-F: Shipping time 10-20 days

6- CSS-EXPRESS-F: Shipping time 10-20 days

7- EUB: Shipping time 15-25 days

8- China Post SAL: Shipping time 20-30 days

9- CSS-SEA-EXP-B: Most cost-effective shipping method for larger parcels. Shipping time 20-30 days.

10- China Post Sea Mail: Shipping time up to 180 days

11- Train Cargo 0-500kg: Shipping time up to 80 days