How To Use Ship For Me

What's ship for me?(什么是转运系统?)

You can buy products from taobao or other website yourself, and we ship for you. The process steps is the very easy, the only different is that 'ship for me' has no service fee!


Use tutorial (使用教程):

Step 1:

You need register an account and sign in,then go to member center...




Step 2:

Filling in our warehouse address to your taobao or other website's received address


Step 3:

When you placed an order at taobao or other website ,you also need place an order at our website,just click on submit ship now button


Step 4:

You can check your order's states at member center,if the parcel arrive our warehouse ,the state will be in warehouse,then you can submit a waybill...


Step 5:

Select the items what you want to ship then click 'submit to ship',it will take to to a new page,add an address and select the shipping methods you wanted...But if you don't have money in your account ,please recharge your account first(Go to user center)