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CSSBuy Service Review Promotion

Make, post, upload, share, publish, vlog, or any creative way you can to share your experience using our service. The more the impressions and referrals you make, the more credit we can give you. Link it to us and we'll determine how much credit we'll give to your account! You can also refer your friends and get commission from what they bought! What are you waiting for? Review now!


  • Promotion starts from June of 2018
  • Review Checking: Data from two weeks after posting date will be used

Attention: When you post your reviews, do not expose any of your personal information. You'll need to touch base with us so we are sure we are crediting the right person(Do not available for the reviews posted before June of 2018)

After making your review, contact us online or submit your entry through this link

Submit Reviews Link

Reward Rules

Reddit Reviews

Make a review showcasing usage of our service at any of the known Reddit subs and you can get rewards according to upvotes and impressions.

Review Now

Per Reviews

  • 10-50 Upvotes:$10
  • 51-100 Upvotes:$20
  • 101-500 Upvotes:$30
  • Over 500 Upvotes:$50

Youtube Video

Upload a Youtube video regarding using our service and get credits! The more views and likes, the better!

Review Now

Per Reviews

  • 100 - 500 Views: $10
  • 500 - 1000 Views: $20
  • 1000 - 10000 Views: $30
  • Over 10000 Views: $50

Facebook Post

Post and Share a review on us on Facebook. The higher the likes and shares, the better! Don't forget to like and Tag us on your post.

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Per Reviews

  • 10-50 Likes & Shares: $10
  • 51-100 Likes & Shares: $20
  • 101-500 Likes & Shares: $30
  • Over 500 Likes & Shares: $50

Instagram Post

Coming soon:under makeing ruls

Coming soon

Per Reviews

  • ???? Followers : $10
  • ???? Followers: $20
  • ???? Followers: $30
  • ???? Followers: $50

Affiliate Program

Invite new Cssbuy members, The more you invite, the more money you make. No limits!Each time your invitees complete an international shipment order, the amount of the order will turn into your experience value. The actual bonus ratio an affiliate enjoys is closely related to the shipment discounts its linked user receives.

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