The volume weight of goods calculation instructions

What's the volume weight? When goods can not be put into the DHL bag,we need calculate the volume weight.The DHL bag is 48 (cm) * 38 (cm) in size.When this bag is filled full,the maximum volume of the bag is about 35(cm)*25(cm)*20(cm).

Here is a variety of situations need to calculate the volume weight(The following situations are calculated on the basis of sensitive goods.Normal goods can ship by HZ-Aramex,FedEx and SF)

Shoes move box: We don't calculate volume weight for one or two pairs of shoes without boxes.If you have two pairs of shoes,only one pair remove box,we also don't calculate the volume weight(we can put two pairs into the shoe box that be kept).If the shoes are small and soft,three pairs of this shoes can be put into the bag,we don't calculate the volume weight.But if the shoe is 350,we will calculate volume weight for one pair.

Shoes keep box:For the 350 shoe(without letters) with box,a pair of shoes also have to calculate the volume weight.If the shoe is smaller than the 350 shoe without letters,we don’t calculate volume weight for one pair.More than one pair of shoes will be calculated the volume weight.If you have more than one pair of shoes, we suggest you ship by EMS,because the volume weight of shoes with box is very large.

Shoe add box:If you add a shoe box,we need calculate the volume weight.For shoes that add a shoe box, we suggest ship by BJ-EMS and E-EMS.

Jeans:Normally,the weight of jeans is not more than 3.5 kilograms,we don’t calculate the volume weight.Because the weight of these heavier clothes like jeans is about the same actual weight as the volume weight.

Hoodie:Normally,the weight of hoodie is not more than 3.2 kilograms,we don’t calculate the volume weight.But if the weight is more than 3.2 kilograms,we need calculate the volume weight(If the weight is not more than 5 kilograms,the difference between the volume weight and actual weight is about 1 kilograms).

Down jackets:the volume weight of down jackets is very large,one DHL bag can only be loaded with one piece of 1.5 kilograms of down jacket,we suggest that the down jacket be vacuum packed.If you have many pieces of down jackets,you can choose BJ-EMS and E-EMS.But if you don’t want to ship by EMS,we strongly recommend that down jackets are vacuum packed.More than one piece of down jacket vacuum bag packaging,the difference between the volume weight and the actual weight is about 1 or 2 kilograms.(For more than two pieces of down jackets without vacuum bag,a DHL bag can only load one piece of down jacket.)

Large goods:  DHL need calculate the volume weight,and usually the volume weight of the large goods is very large.We suggest the large goods be shipped by EMS.

Fragile goods:We will pack the fragile goods with bubbles and boxes to make fragile goods do not break easily,so the volume weight and the actual weight will increase.

Clothes add boxes:If the weight of clothes add boxes is more than 2.5 kilograms,we need calculate the volume weight.

Note:The weight of clothes is more than 6 kilograms,we will pack clothes with box,the volume weight and the actual weight will increase.If clothes is too large or heavy,the DHL bag is easy to break. The volume weight of shoes with box,down jackets and large goods is very large.