Return / exchange policy

        Cssbuy is aiming to provide you with the worry-free online shopping experience. In order to ensure that you are shopping conveniently and safely with Cssbuy, we have established corresponding regulations and standards for each step, including products return / exchange.
        A. Delivery errors, defectives or goods damage
        When your order received with any one of the above stated issues, please take photos of the goods as well as the packing, and send the photos with proper descriptions to our customer service center at: [email protected]. We will reply to you after process the problems.
        B. Quality issue
        When the goods you purchased by Cssbuy encounter quality problems after using, as long as they are still within the warranty period, and you have the original purchasing receipts and the quality assurance cards, you can entrust us to contact with the China merchants to apply for the products return / exchange for you.
         For products that meet with the return or replacement requests, Cssbuy will take the responsibility of transportation for goods to be repaired or replaced by the Chinese merchants. As each merchant or manufacturer has its own post service strategy (as specified in the warranty card). Cssbuy cannot promise you that the manufacturer will fully satisfy your requirements; however, we will try our best to serve you in the best way.
        Cssbuy provides the post service without any extra charges except for the transportation fees. Cssbuy reserves the right to reject returning or replacing for goods that are unqualified.

        If any of the following circumstances occurs, we will not accept the goods you require for return / exchange:
        a) Goods has been replaced, the original has been changed, or parts are missing
        b) The opened commodities, such as software package, CDS, DVDS, tapes, etc.
        c) The commodities with no original purchasing proof.
        Special remind: Please be cautious when shopping in the websites,such as Taobao for the reason of the existence of the illegal business practices. If it occurs, Cssbuy cannot arrange for your product return / exchange requires.