CSSecure Plan

Do you hate long waiting times, being stressed on whether your parcel was lost or seized, getting damaged goods, or having your parcel returned to us because it was rejected by customs?

Here at CSSBuy, we believe that you should be able to purchase and ship parcels safely, while keeping prices low.

Introducing the CSSecure Plan!
Have peace of mind when sending out your parcels, as the CSSecure Plan has got you covered! Damages? Covered. Seized Parcel? Covered. Loss of Parcel? Covered. Returned parcel? Covered.
We’ll even give you 20% back on your shipment costs if your parcel takes 60 or more calendar days! (Available on certain lines only)
What are you waiting for? Use CSSBuy now and begin your Chinese shopping experience!

Terms and Conditions:


The CSSecure Plan is an Insurance Policy exclusively provided by the Chinese agency CSSBuy. It replaces the inferior 2% insurance policy, and will be available on CSSBuy starting from July 9, 2021.

Coverage in situations
Parcel Loss - Insurance covering the loss of parcels in transit.
Parcel Seizures - Insurance covering the seizures of parcels in customs.
Parcel Damages – Insurance covering damages obtained by parcels in transit.
Parcel Returns – Insurance covering the return of parcels to our warehouse from the desired destination.

Parcel Delays – Insurance covering the delay of parcels by 60 days for certain lines.

Insured Value
The maximum insured value varies by the shipment method used.
Maximum Insured Value: 10000 RMB

Exceptions apply:

SAL to Germany: Maximum insurance: 2000 RMB for items + full shipping cost

If other limitations are applied, they will be shown when you submit to ship.

The insured value has to be similar to, or less than the total sum of your products and shipping costs. If you have insured an excess amount, we will use the actual value of your parcel (for example, if your parcel is worth 500 RMB, and you’ve decided to insure 750 RMB, we will only return 500 RMB).

The CSSecure Plan costs 3% of the insured value. For example, if you purchase the insurance plan, and the insured value is 200 RMB, it will cost 6 RMB.

Usage & Instructions
To use the CSSecure Plan, you must have items ready in your warehouse. When you submit these to ship, you can select insurance (if you’re shipping using a regular method), or if you choose rehearsal you must wait until the parcel is packed and ready to be shipped.

Cancellation & Refunds
If you cancel your parcel before it has been shipped out, the money that you paid for insurance will be refunded directly into your account. However, if it’s already been shipped out, the CSSecure Plan will have been already activated, and refunds will not be possible anymore.

Products Ineligible for Insurance
In "Buy It Yourself" Orders, you must choose the correct info when you submit the order, marking it as a “Branded good, Electronic good or as a Liquid good.” If you did not undertake these steps, CSSBuy has the full right to refuse compensation. In the case an insurance claim is opened for such orders, a thorough proof of the value of the item(s) must be provided, including, but not limited to, screen-recordings of chat logs with the sellers, marketplaces (such as Taobao, 1688, Weidian) etc. showing the tracking number of the order and the price of each unit. Additional proof may be required by our staff if deemed necessary.

For Buy-Yourself Orders, the compensation policy is 40y/kg, regardless of the item price (this amount is based on the average kg price), the maximum compensation amount is 400 yuan. Order value proof is needed to proceed with compensation. If the order price is lower than the insured price, we will compensate the actual (lower) value.

Compensation Standard and Proof

CSSBuy requires seizure proof. Customs usually send letters, otherwise we can query with the shipment provider. We will only return the insured value, if there’s an excess value over the value of the parcel we will not return this. If your parcel was partially seized, we will refund the seized goods' value only. The shipping price will not be refunded for partially seized parcels. If your parcel was completely seized, the shipping fee can be compensated too.

If your item is missing from the parcel, we will require an unboxing video in order to process a refund.


If your parcel were lost, we will provide a full compensation of the insurance amount. For the parcel to be marked as lost, we require a solid proof, this can either be done through our shipping agent, through a letter that the customer received, or through waiting at least 5 months.

We need a video of the parcel when being unboxed, nothing afterwards will count. You must also contact us within 3 days of delivery, otherwise CSSBuy reserves the right to refuse compensation. We need a list of damaged products and photos of the damaged area. The CSSBuy Team reserves the right to see to compensation, this depends on the situation. If the item is completely damaged, this usually warrants a full refund – however if it doesn’t affect usage, it depends. The final decision on damage compensation is up to CSSBuy. Minimal creases and deformations of the items shipped without their original packaging or shoebox are not covered by insurance.

Note: Compensation for water damages cannot be provided if the "waterproof" option was not selected when shipping.

If your parcel is in transit for more than 60 days (starting from the submittance date) we can refund 20% of the freight to you. This doesn’t apply to any Train Cargo or Sea lines, China Post SAL, and EUB.

If your parcel was returned from your country, we will provide the shipping price you initially paid as a voucher for a second delivery. This means that if the shipping fee is the same, we will reship your parcel for free. However, if the shipping fee has increased or you’d like to ship with another shipping method, you must incur the differences yourself. We will provide the shipping voucher once for free. Please keep in mind that return fees charged by the destination country's customs are not covered by insurance and must be paid in full. The insurance simply covers the re-shipping from China to the destination country.

Exception: Aramex: Returns are not covered by insurance!

Other conditions

Please inspect and examine your parcel when it’s delivered to you. In order to be on the safe side and make the process of compensation smoother, please weigh and take unboxing videos. During the unboxing video, the parcel must be visible at all time and should entirely be inside the frame.

CSSBuy will upload the actual parcel's picture on the website. Please inspect and examine your parcel when it gets delivered to you. If there are noticeable issues with the parcel, please weigh your parcel and take unboxing videos when you open them. These will be used as proof for after-sales service and support.

Note:Buy-Yourself Orders: 40y/kg insurance, the maximum compensation amount is 400 yuan. Order value proof is needed. If the order price is lower than the insured price, we will compensate the actual (lower) value.

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