What if there is something wrong with the commodity?

        If there’s something wrong with the goods, please do not worry. If the goods meet the return / exchange policy, you can apply for return:
        The first step: email the purchasing network customer service for return.
        The second step: the purchasing customer service will communicate with the seller after received your application. When it is determined that they accept your return, the customer service will contact you via email to inform you of the details about return.
        The third step: After you understand the return details, would you please send back the related items ( commodities + original purchase receipt + original packaging + a copy of the return audit results ), to the network as soon as possible.
        Note: for the return goods, please be sure to return to purchase network in the promised return period. In addition, because the international exchange needs quite a long time ( usually more than 1 months ), please be patient, the purchasing network will promptly inform you of the progress that you returned.