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This delivery method cannot transport **Brand?" Brands":''** **charged?" Electric":''** **liquid?" Liquid":''** **tool?" Knives":''** **powder?" Powder":''** **bag?" Bags":''** **food?" Food":''** **cell?" Battery":''** **cosmetics?" Cosmetics":''** **magnetic?" Magnetic":''** **watch?" Watch":''** **shose?" Shoes":''** **Number(WV)>Number(item.max_weight)?"Maximum weight "+item.max_weight+"g":''** **item.min_weight!=null && Number(item.min_weight)>Number(WV)?"Minimum weight "+item.max_weight+"g":''** goods

**item.shipping_name** **Number(item.max_acceptForday)-Number(item.acceptNum)** Available

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Accepts brands No volume weight

Shipment knowledge:

1. Most freight lines (excluding China Post brands/ sub-brands) are calculated using volume weight. Whichever weight is larger, whether it is volume or pure, that is what will be charged. Volume weight can be calculated with our calculator, or using this equation: Volume Weight (kg) = length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) divided by 5000, 6000, etc. depending on the line.

2. China Post brands such as Sea Mail, SAL (Sea, Air and Land Transportation), EMS (Express Mail Service) and ePacket/ EUB (2-3kg line depending on region) are the only freight lines that calculate purely on pure weight, instead of volume weight. This means that these lines don’t charge extra money for extra volume.

3. If your shipment contains designer product brands, liquids, powders or batteries it may be restricted on select shipment methods. Contact us in the order notes (Contact us, next to your order) or alternatively open a ticket on Discord if you require more assistance to help you. We would be more than happy.

4. If you do not see your preferred shipping method, or are having problems with declarations, don’t hesitate to hop onto our Discord and ask for help with this. There are many experts here to help you. Thank you for choosing CSSBuy, and we hope that we have provided the best service possible.