Taobao English Version


What's the taobao

Taobao is an Chinese online shopping site and it is a subsidiary of the great Alibaba. Taobao is also not a direct selling site but is also a marketplace just like eBay.There are many sellers from whole of china selling items at there,you almost can find whatever you want at taobao. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners around the world have realized what a consumer paradise Taobao is and are now regularly buying from Taobao or have become Taobao shopaholics! Many even buy in order to re-sell, since prices are much lower on Taobao than what they would have to pay for products of similar quality in their own countries.

The question is how the foreigner buy from taobao?-We will give you an methods

What's the cssbuy

Cssbuy is a shopping platform that translates Taobao and Tmall into English so that foreigners can access all of its products and services. Currently, over 10 million items have been sold on the platform.