Insurance Policy

一、Compensation rules

If your package  lost or seized but you buy the parcel insurance when you submit the delivery order, we will give you corresponding compensation according to your insurance amount.(Internation Freight Can Not Be Refund)

Cost: Insurance premium costs 2% of the total price of the goods

For example, if the entire goods costs 100RMB, the premium will be 2RMB.

二、Compensation standard

Parcel Seized:Do not worry your parcel be seized once you bought insurance ,we will afford most of lose,refund you 2/3 parcel value(not including freight)

Attention:This Insurance Policy is not applicable for buy it yourself orders


If you ship parcels through Postnl or Hongkong post  ,and parcels are returned back to sender,it will takes 3~6 months to get it back.we have to wait patiently
Sensitive products including:Power bank,brand products,pure battery,magnetic products,liquid,lighter,knife tool etc.

The time calculation start from the day the parcel being sent out, and this compensation rule will apply to parcels being sent out from 1th Augest, 2018.

What is proved lost?

There will be an average delivery time of each shipping method .If you can not receive the parcels after the average delivery time ,we will send an official file to shipping agent and post office and ask them to check.If they can not provide any valuable answers after 1 month(2 months),then the parcel should be proved lost 1 month (2 months).But if you signed the parcel after we make the compensation ,pls help us to refund  50% compensation back to us ,because delivery time is really not controlled by us ,hope you can understand,thx so much!

What is covered?

If parcel is lost in transit, cssbuy  will provide you corresponding compensation.

If items in the parcel are missing, cssbuy will refund you the cost of the item, including domestic shipping.(need to check if the items is still in our warehouse)

If there are major physical damages to the items (such as holes in your clothes, cracked screen, etc.), cssbuy will compensate you for items fee and domestic delivery fee.

If the item does not work as advertised, cssbuy will only refund you the service fee.

If the parcel is returned to us because of delivery error, we will resend it with no additional costs. However, if it is returned to us because of refusal to comply with your country's Customs or rejection of parcel, you will be responsible for all additional costs.

Limits of Insurance

Returned parcels for reasons involving your local customs will not be compensated. We have no jurisdiction over your country's customs.

Returned parcels because you failed to pick up your parcels will not be compensated. You will be responsible for additional fees to have your packet redelivered.

Insurance does not cover the durability of your items.

If items do not work as expected, insurance will cover your service fee.


Postal delays

Taxes or tariffs imposed by Customs

Detainment or confiscation of your goods by Customs

Durability of your items, item packaging (shoe boxes, etc.)

Any form of warranty, expiration dates, etc. of your items.

Minor color differences in your product. If your product does not look as green as the green in the picture you saw, we are not responsible.