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CSSBuy is a leading tech-powered fulfillment company based in HangZhou, China. With many years of experience since 2010, we offer warehousing, order fulfillment and the best end-to-end global logistics service for cross-border ecommerce sellers (Shopify, Amazon, eBay merchants) and dropshipping business.

As a professional fulfillment company, CSSBuy uses Warehouse Management System, supports online real-time tracking. We are committed to offer fast and flexible shipping from China, which can help merchants to save time and money. We also have other value-added services such as assembly, customized packaging, labeling, adding marketing inserts to enhance your ecommerce business.

CSSBuy Fulfillment Model


Products Purchased

Your products are purchased or manufactured and shipped to our warehouse

Inventory Synced

Your store’s inventory is synced with the inventory at our warehouse

Customers Place Order

Your customer places and pays for an order

Shipping the Order

We pick, pack and ship the order to your customer

Our Services

What We Offer For You

Product Sourcing

Our sourcing agent service will help you buy from 1688 & Taobao.com as well as Chinese local market to get the best price products while maintain same quality.

What we promise when using our service:

We make sure to find the cheapest prices on the market

Ensuring all products are high quality

Sourcing products quickly, so theres less wait time for you

How we are the best dropshipping Supplier in China?

There are tens thousands of China DropShipping Supplier and AliExpress DropShipping sellers in the world, but why CSSBuy DropShipping is absolutely the leading one for your business.

  • Free Sourcing Service

    According to your sourcing requests, your personal sourcing agent from CSS DropShipping will find manufacturers in China, help you buy from 1688 & Taobao.com as well as Chinese local market to get the best price products while maintain same quality.

  • A Personalised Experience

    You will have an experienced sorting agent, with 1 on 1 support from our company to aid you in finding manufacturers, creating a sample mockup, following up with production, finding good quality products, support you with the ordering process and providing labels, order fulfilment and more!

  • Quality Inspection

    Quality Check & Quality Inspection are one of the most important process, All products from factory will be re-checked and inspected to make sure they are good quality, and we remove all the tags from factory, repack goods with nice package, all quality issue will be fixed in China before product shipping out.

  • Dropship Batteries Wholesale Supplier

    We have many different but flexible shipping options to meet your products attribute, we dropship batteries products, Electronic Products, Liquid Contain products like Cosmetic, Powder, Cream products dropshipping, and Magnetic products, Knives, etc.

  • Worldwide Fulfillmen

    We remove price tags, merge multi-orders into one, no invoices in package, and we ship products directly from China by more than 18 different shipping options to your customers’ address from our warehouse in Yiwu, Shenzhen and USA.

  • Small Business Friendly

    Most of Dropshipping companies in China usually serve experienced Shopify DropShipper sellers, we are dedicated to help small & medium size business. If you have a winner product in your online store with a daily order of 30+, we can support your drop shipping business to the next level.

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